HEPATITS  B   PROJECT  ( PAHEL  PROJECT) –   In the project we  are  providing  the free health care services to the poor  female sex workers,  pregnant  women  ,  women  in  child bearing age, their family  members  and    residing  in  A,B,C,D & E wards of  Mumbai for  the prevention and  treatment of Hepatitis  B. Our  Out  Reach  Workers   are personally contacting  them and  educating  them about  the awareness of  the disease  and referring them for the necessary  test  in  the Public Hospitals. After the  testing  those women  who  are found  as Negative  are  vaccinated  and  Positive women are given  the required  treatment in the Public Hospitals. As  of  now  569 women  are  registered with  us  and  they are under our active follow-up.

We  have  started  this  project  from  01–03-2017 with funding  support  of  UNITED WAY  MUMBAI  a renowned  NGO having global network


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