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"Apni Dunia Project (Shelter, Hospice, Education) for Poor & Needy"
Prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and help for the Treatment & Support of these Patients
You Can Save the Life of these Cancer Patients by Donating Generously
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Achievements of Social activities integration - sai
  • SOCIAL ACTIVITIES INTEGRATION- SAI has been established in 1991 to prevent and control HIV/AIDS in India and to provide comprehensive care & support to HIV/AIDS infected and affected poor people and SAI has started fight against Cancer in 2013.SAI not only rehabilitates, but makes HIV/AIDS infected and affected people financially independent by giving them vocational training since last 20 years, SAI is working with, 15000 Sex Workers and their children,2200 street based sex workers and 3000 homosexuals to achieve its goal and because of this reason , the spread of HIV/AIDS, in high risk population has come under control, in addition to it, SAI has been successful in bringing about literacy ,awareness about human rights and unity in this group of community.SAI has played motherly roll by creating 2 Community Based organizations these are, Women Welfare Society (WWS),and 'Mahila Aadhar Association (MAA) of sex workers to make them independent and self-sufficient in life.

    20 years ago children of sex workers were trapped in a vicious circle of prostitution but , SAI has not only help ,these children to complete their studies and become self sufficient, but to successfully help them to bring their mothers out of this profession.

    56 sex workers associated with SAI has left their profession and taken vocational training to become self sufficient and independent in life.

    In SAI's drop in centre in Mumbai 560, and in community care hospital in Thane district 1500 People Living With HIV/AIDS are availing medical care, counselling, nutrition and vocational training facilities and job opportunities.

    In the – prevention from parent to child transmission' (PPTCT) project ,pregnant women and their children from mumbai's A,B,C,& F south wards are tested for HIV .and SAI successfully , prevented 120 children from getting HIV infection from their HIV infected pregnant mothers.

    Through Pediatric AIDS Initiative (PAI) project 50 Children Living With HIV are availing ART medicines, follow up, nutrition and financial assistance.

    Through RNTCP and DOTS program, SAI has been successful in controlling tuberculosis, in slums of Mumbai.

    Currently we are providing financial support for medical and related treatment to 8 Cancer infected children

    120 doctors,160 nurses ,80 paramedics & 120 health workers have taken advantage of Certificate course of HIV/AIDS conducted by SAI.

    Sanctioned Non agricultural permission on dated 10/10/2013 from Government of Maharashtra of 8.5 acres land to develop "Apni Duniya Project" on SAI's own land purchased on dt.29/10/2009 for the rehabilitation of 200 orphans and 100 destitute women and old aged.
Milestones of Social Activities Integration-SAI