SAI has since 2013 taken additional responsibility of providing support to the poor and needy cancer Patients for their medical treatment over and above its other activities. We have observed that the number of cancer patients in the world are increasing every year and the poor and needy patients are losing their lives due to the lack of Medical , psychosocial, nutritional support and also due to the ignorance about the disease. The mortality rate of cancer in the developed countries is Comparatively lesser than under developing countries like ours. Hence initially we have started providing financial help to all such patients irrespective of age for their cancer treatment

However we have now focused our support to the poor kids patient because the mortality rate of the cancer patient children in developing country like ours is 1 death for every 3 minutes which is very much tragic and painful hence protection for them is essential. Further every child has right to have good health and care for happy life If we extend proper and

timely help to the kids patients they will be cured and live happy life and contribute to the nation building activity. The ultimate goal for caring cancer kids is to give high quality health care services for their betterment. Since 2013 we have helped to 160 cancer patients consisting of all ages and more than 50% of the same were poor kids. The kids are taking the treatment in reputed hospitals of Mumbai like TATA MEMORIAL, WADIA etc.

Presently 10 kids cancer patients are taking the treatment in these Hospitals and more than 100 kids have cured from this disease during the last 3 years. Our active efforts are on to bring more number of deserving kids patients under our help for their better future and happy life. Keep Only below kids and remove the rest