Mobile ICTC in Thane district

Mobile ICTC in Thane district– This mobile ICTC/STI clinic was providing ‘services-on-wheels’ to the High risk group which included, Female sex workers, migrants, MSM,IDU in collaboration with other 15 NGOs working with 22500 High risk population in Thane District., who were not particularly inclined to visit the static ICTCs. The advantage of running a Mobile ICTC/STI clinic was that it enabled to reach out to hard-to-reach spots and at the same covering very wide areas. Mobile ICTC also helped these High risk group to overcome the cost and inconvenience of having to travel to centers for HIV counseling and testing and spending a lot of time. The mobile clinic was providing following services:

A Mobile ICTC Clinic had solved many of the above difficulties faced by High risk group through following ways ,
• Availability of ICTC services within the easy accessibility of High risk group.
• Coverage in collaboration with other NGOs of vast geographical areas in Thane district, where large number of High risk group was able to reach without loss of their pay and their convenience.
• Carrying out preplanned Mobile ICTC clinic activities at most convenient place and most suitable time for maximum number of High risk group.
• Availability of STI and HIV testing services without unnecessary waiting
• Availability of rapid HIV test results immediately, avoiding second visit
• Availability of medical support from the doctor for general health issues
• Support from the collaborating NGO, wherever required, in getting Care and Support Service and for ART registration at nearby ART Centre
• Opportunity for High risk group and their clients to avail ICTC services at a given place at the appointed hour

This project was funded by Avert/ Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) & implemented since 2012 to 2014.


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