Prevention of Parents to Child Transmission (PPTCT)

Prevention of Parents to Child Transmission (PPTCT)- Prevention of HIV in newborn of HIV infected mothers by strategic intervention of drugs and support programme. 10 widows living with HIV/AIDS and other PLHAs  were part of this project.These peers go door to door and create awareness about HIV/AIDS and prevention of parent to child transmission in in A,B, C, F-South & G- South wards of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). They rapidly surveyed the areas and found pregnant women and motivated them to get themselves registered in government hospitals where they were counseled for ICTC and if found positive the spouse was also motivated to undergo the ICTC. If the mother was found to be positive the Out Reach Worker took full responsibility and created awareness for the need of ART, which was given to them and the child after the delivery. This had helped in rapidly preventing the spread of disease from mother to child. SAI has prevented 310 children from getting HIV infection from their HIV infected pregnant mothers since 2006 to 2015. It was funded by Mumbai District AIDS Control Society & National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO)


Sanman/ Honor – Sanman project

Sanman/ Honor – Sanman project was HIV/AIDS prevention program for homosexual and the transgender community funded by Sidactio...

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Certificate Course in Management of HIV/ AIDS

Certificate Course in Management of HIV/ AIDS: This was devised to make an impact on the HIV AIDS awareness as

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Pediatric AIDS Initiative (PAI)

Pediatric AIDS Initiative (PAI)- PAI project was giving support and care to 50 Children Living With HIV/AIDS (CLHA). The treatment...

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