Sanman/ Honor – Sanman project

Sanman/ Honor – Sanman project was HIV/AIDS prevention program for homosexual and the transgender community funded by Sidaction & Solidarite Sida _France. It was implemented during the period from 2009 to 2016. The sexual minority is largely discriminated and half of this community vulnerable to HIV. This community has formed its own support group and indulges in activities like awareness, safer sex practices, free distribution of condoms- lubrication, ICTC & ART. We had 3000 key population registered under this project. The peers trained in this project were highly motivated for their cause.


Certificate Course in Management of HIV/ AIDS

Certificate Course in Management of HIV/ AIDS: This was devised to make an impact on the HIV AIDS awareness as

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Pediatric AIDS Initiative (PAI)

Pediatric AIDS Initiative (PAI)- PAI project was giving support and care to 50 Children Living With HIV/AIDS (CLHA). The treatment...

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Mobile ICTC in Thane district

Mobile ICTC in Thane district– This mobile ICTC/STI clinic was providing ‘services-on-wheels’ to the High risk group which i...

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