Board Members

Designation : President
Qualification : Master of Chirurgiae (M.Ch), Thoracic Surgery June 1987,
Grant Medical College, University of Mumbai,
MBBS-May 1990, Government Medical College, Aurangabad,
Marathwada University.

By profession is a Cardiologist working as a consultant cardio vascular and Thoracic Surgeon in various hospitals of Mumbai. He has been in this field since 1980. He was the first to undertake open heart surgery on HIV+ patient, Apart from this, his interest and belief in “Service in Humanity” made him to get involved in various philanthropic activities, he is also a founder member and executive member of the Indian Health Organization. He was attracted towards Social Activities Integrations – SAI activities and involved in the work of organization in organizing camps, guiding the organization in reaching new heights. He has also helped the poor patients who are organizations beneficiaries by providing reference to undergo operations and treatment in concessional rates. Network with various professionals has helped in getting valued services free of charge towards betterment of the weaker section of the society. Being from the medical background and his reputation in this field will be a great help towards the proposed project of setting up the hospital for the weaker section of the society.

Designation : Founder & Secretary

After completion of graduation, Mr. Vinay Vasta left his small village “Waingani” Situated in Malvan Dist. SINDHDURGHA MAHARASHTRA in 1991 & came to Mumbai in search of a job. In Mumbai he started his first job by joining the Indian Health organization as a social worker to create HIV/AIDS awareness among commercial sex workers. He noticed that in Mumbai city hundreds of workers who are migrants staying away from their families and in order to overcome the loneliness would visit sex workers for sexual pleasure. Due to multiple sexual partners there were under high risk of becoming the victims of HIV/AIDS Disease.

In early days there was lack of awareness among the masses about HIV/AIDS and there was no treatment available. Hence creating awareness was the only way to prevent HIV/AIDS spread. Mr. Vinay Vasta started HIV/AIDS awareness program through various mediums. He selected artist from home town and trained them to perform street plays , He prepares posters , puppet shows arranged group meeting at Mumbai’s railway stations ,bus stand ,red-light areas , slum areas of Mumbai.

The red light area in Mumbai is a biggest CSW area in India and it includes kamthipura, Forest Road, Batata Chawl, Dudhwala Chawl, Falkland Road, ,Jamuna Mansion, Pawwala street , Gaiwadi,Congress House (Kennedy bridge),shivadi, and Worli area in south Mumbai .
In red light area, Mr. Vinay Vasta worked tirelessly to help hundred of CSW’s and save them from HIV/AIDS. Thus helping to reduce the HIV incidence in sex workers . He with full confidence and faith brought a small rental place in the red light area to create awareness of HIV/AIDS by introducing innovative methods and ideas.

The organizations main aim was to bring behavioral changes and prevent them from HIV/AIDS by free condoms distribution to CSW.

There was a need to lot of work to be done and to continue the work Mr.Vinay Vasta decided to form an NGO and thus “SOCIAL ACTIVITIES INTEGRATION (SAI)” was formed in 1991 and registered in 1999.

Designation : Treasurer

Completed his matriculation, worked as Sr .Clerk at Matulya Mill. During his tenure at Matulya Mill he was actively involved in forming a consumer society and became a secretary. He played an important role in forming a credit society and was a Joint-Secretary. His interest in philanthropic work motivated him to become a trustee of the Yadav High school of Advali. His active involvement and vast experience in the social field has been a great help to the organization.

Designation : Exe. Member, Dentist
Qualification : B.D.S.

Renowned Dentist Dr Vijay Kadam in Mumbai having many clinics all across Mumbai on his way of achieving the goal of creating dental awareness has been interviewed on radio, Television and published quite no of informative articles in print media like F.M Radio, all India radio, SAM Marathi, Space Radio, ZEE TV etc. He conducts Free Dental Camps on schools, slums, under Ganesh Mandals etc. He is the founder of the Edentulous Support Society (ESS). He has conducted Seminar conducted to create social awareness and educating illiterate patients regarding oral hygiene. Secretary /President/Ambassador of a BNI which is a international organization member of over 1.20,000 in 42 country’s. He is also associated with the Organisations like LIONS International Club, Indian Merchant Chember, Vishwa Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, International Saturday Club, Maharogi Seva Samiti OF ANANDWAN working for Leprosy patients etc.

Designation : Convener & Secretary at Indo-Mongolian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Mr. Sanjay Bhide is the well-known personality from Mumbai. His services to human kind and the society as well as for the corporate world is well known . He has been interviewed so many times by the news media. He is also well known personality in Bolly wood as well as In Hollywood. He represents our country in a very prompt and strongest way to the world and thus got awarded by National and International Bodies. He represents so many Chambers of Commerce . Any one can come to know about him after seeing below the associations that belongs to him in India personality who is . He is Convener & Secretary at Indo-Mongolian Chamber of Commerce & Industry &. Trans Asian Chamber of Commerce & Industry and a well reputed Business Man too. He is associated with more than 100’s of National and International Organisations and some of them are mentioned here below.
Proprietor of GROUPIOUS Architects,Valuers,Interior Consultants
Holder of Copyright of title,”GROUPIOUS”
Founder of TYPICAL Kalaa Pradarshak
Charge-De-Affairs for India of International Creative People,Switzerland
Founder Signatory to All India Cricket Association for Disabled (FPH-Activity)
Founder of International Forum of Interior-designers & Architects
Publisher of ‘VIEWPOINT’ ( formerly known as ‘Forum News’)
Convenor / Secretary of Indo-Mongolian Friendship Society
Convenor / Secretary of Indo-Mongolian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Publisher of “Maitri” : Informative Digest for International Trade & Commerce, Collaborations & Joint Ventures
Convenor / Secretary of Trans Asian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Promoter of “Club Exclusive”, International Club for elite in India
Honorary Member of Union of Mongolian Architects
Promoter-Director of “Trans Asian Bank Ltd.( Proposed ) in Mongolia
Honorary Member of Indian Society for Arts & Science Graduates from Polish Educational Institutions.

Designation : Exe. Member, Manager of State Bank of India.
Qualification : B.A.

Actively involved employees union in State Bank of India and at present is a joint secretary of this union. Has volunteered during various natural calamities in Mumbai and helped in providing shelter to these victims. Has also given importance to right to education and has provided financial assistance to more than 20 children who had dropped out of school due to poverty.

Designation : Exe. Member
Qualification : B.A.

After completion of matriculation, gave importance to the Agriculture and began cultivation of various crops of the vast fertile land. The wide knowledge in agriculture field is a great asset to the proposed project. Apart from the occupation, keen interest to help others in need has made a well know person in the area of Bhiwandi.

Designation : Exe. Member

Mr. Anand Nirbhavwane retired as Superintendent of Executive , Govt. Of Maharashtra is a life member for SC, ST, DTNT, OBC and NAV Buddhist for Social Educational and religious development through Karamveer Dadasaheb Gaikward Sanskritik Kendra. He has worked as a Life Member for Religious Development through Buddhist Revival Charitable Trust, also worked for Economically Weaker class through Kurla Nagrik Magas vargeey Credit Society. He has been working for Matri Bhoomi Prabodhini Samitee, Nasik as Honorary Member, and is also working for Dr. Baba Sahed Ambedkar Research and Training Institute as a Board of trustees and is the Chairman for Kapilvastu Co-op Housing Society Ltd. He is the Life Member of Youth Hostel Association of India for Adventure Sports Trekking. Severely He writes for “Kalamnama” Weekly and Purivatya Magazine on Thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar.

Designation : Exe. Member

SUNNY SHAH is having 20 Years of experience in Bollywood, the Mumbai Film & Television Industry as Mumbai Film Productions Executive & Business Manager he has established Sunny Shah Events is an exclusive agency that, conceptualizes, plans and implements events for its clients.

Sunny Shah Events personifies creativity, synergy & quality, creativity ensures constant innovation and betrays a thirst for new ideas. In a demanding market it has kept the organization and its clients at least a foot above quality in production standards are set a notch higher than previously achieved, be it creation of video films, laser graphics, décor, sound lighting, selection of performers or any aspect that contributes of execution of events.

Mr. Sunny Shah aware the Bollywood industry about efforts of association towards unprivileged people & poor patients.

Designation : Exe. Member

The community member from high risk group has great leading experience empowered by Social Activities Integration-SAI for the well being of the said society. Now associated with many motivating organizations for Sexworkers. She is president of Community based organization of floating sex workers and working for “Aastha Parivar” federation of CBOs of sex workers. She has been motivated and turned many of the Sex Workers for the good life. She is associated with one of our Project too and to help us for working in the field of HIV/AIDS and Cancer.

Designation : Exe. Member

Mrs. Salma S. hamid , a Social Worker who stood 1st class 1st in the exam and interviewed 56 institutions during her course, is the Trustee of Ulhas Prasar Pratisthsn at Wangni for Tribal (Aadiwasi’s) People since last 27 years. She has been associated with Experimental International living since last 23 years who pays homesteads to foreigners. She is with Lions International for last 16 years. She is also associated with so many institutions like All Saints Home Cancer (15 years), Kidney dialysis center at Saboo Siddique, Cancer Aid Association, Akhil Bhartiya Mahila Protestant and so many others. She has been awarded with so many laurels in so many times for her achievements in the field of social work.

Designation : Exe. Member

Mr. Vijay Balkrishna Ranpise, an M B A, CAIIB. Joined Bank of India as Probationary officer and took the VRS as Chief Manager and received the Best Branch Manager Award. He is the General Manager at Akruti Developers and Vice President Lodha Developer Presently . He is Chief Manager at Vice President of Officer’s Association at DCB Bank. He also Joined as GM and CEO IN A Co-Operative Bank. He is a Life member in Karmveer Dadasaheb Gaikwad Kendra . He is also associated with the organizations like Shivanjali Co-op Hg society, Model Town Federation, Bahujan Hitay Sangh, Bahujan Media Sangh, Maharashtra News Paper, Buddhist Revival Trust, Bahujan Hitay Credit Society, Mangalya Sandhys Vridhashram

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Mr. Arvind Patil

Manager – G.A.D.

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SAI – Care & Treatment

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Head Mission Education

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Mrs. Sapana Gholap

Head Accountant