AIDS Project

2.10 million people & more suffer from HIV in India-

(Sources- National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO)- India)


Unlike other sicknesses & diseases, these unfortunate victims are shunned & ostracized & made to suffer double for something which quite often they got for no fault of their own…

“Services offered by…… is to be changed as “Services provided by Social Activities Integration-SAI” –( however the existing information of services shall continue without any change as per our existing website.)


The existing Project at Social Activities Integration –SAI is to be replaced as shown under: & the project information for each project shall continue with existing information as per our existing website. For the below project we will incorporate the information afterward.


Since 1991 we have been combating AIDS vigorously with involving high risk population by carrying out various project activities as shown herebelow.


Past project-


Prevention of Parents to Child Transmission (PPTCT)

Pediatric AIDS Initiative (PAI)

Community Care Centre (CCC)

Mobile ICTC in Thane district


Current Projects-

Awareness project

Didi Project

Free mobile & Static Clinic

Drop In Center

Vihaan- Care & Support Centres

Pahal on Hepatitis B

REAR- Reach for Education and Access to Rights


Sanman/ Honor – Sanman project

Sanman/ Honor – Sanman project was HIV/AIDS prevention program for homosexual and the transgender community funded by Sidactio...

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Certificate Course in Management of HIV/ AIDS

Certificate Course in Management of HIV/ AIDS: This was devised to make an impact on the HIV AIDS awareness as

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Pediatric AIDS Initiative (PAI)

Pediatric AIDS Initiative (PAI)- PAI project was giving support and care to 50 Children Living With HIV/AIDS (CLHA). The treatment...

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