MASTER MONISH MANGESH KATKAR Aged 5 years Residing At 29/33 Dongri Bldg. Sant Sena Marg 2nd Kumbharwada ROOM No. 20, Mumbai 400004 (Maharashtra ) Is suffering from Pre- B-ALL ( ACUTE LYMPHOBLASTIC LEUKAEMIA) which is a type of Blood Cancer, Fatal decease. It affects the white blood cells, which are really important
part of our immune system that fights infection . He is undergoing the treatment for this ailment in BAI JERBAI WADIA HOSPITAL for Children, Parel Mumbai. The cost of treatment will be 400,000/-(Rs. Four Lakhs Only) . His family’s
Total Annual Income is of 35000/- ( Rs. THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND ONLY) In his family there are 7 members including him. His parents’ income is very meager so they find it very difficult to bear the cost of this treatment hence approached us for the Monetary support for the same. Considering their case as genuine, We have extended financial help to him to begin with the treatment as the same was absolutely necessary to save his life. We sincerely request to all of you to be generous and extend your financial support to save The life of this tender aged kid and bestow your patronage to him and his family to bring back their happy days.




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